Day Wasting

June 28, 2019   It’s 7:15 AM. Two black dogs, eyes peering, nest in the shadows of the sofa. Allison is off to work. Ethan is off to work. Times and Globe are read. Seething restlessness meets implacable stillness. The day lies ahead and there is no plan. No hikes, no bikes, no paddles. No mowing, no weeding, no planting. No strength, no balance, no resolve. Appliances hum, birds murmur, floors creak. Emails answered, calendars checked, bills paid.

It’s 8:00 AM. The dogs stir and plans form. The list: 1. Buy stamps, 2. Defrost a chuck roast, 3. List the seized-up lawn tractor on Craig’s List, 4. Close the bedroom blinds so my nap will be cool, 5. Write about all this shit that I am about to do.

It’s 10:00. The dogs aren’t interested in World Cup Soccer on Telemundo. Then a goal.     G-O-O-O-O-A-A-A-A-L-L-L-L-L-L-L!!!! at 120 Db’s. They actually move. I’m inspired to shift the roast to a sunny spot on the counter.

It’s 12:00. Lunchtime. How can I kick-up a grilled cheese so that it is different from yesterday’s grilled cheese? I add some green chilies and pub cheese. Dogs are on high alert, now staring at me from the begging post by the refrigerator. I discover another World Cup soccer match.

It’s 2:00. What the hell, Craig’s List blew up. There are thirty replies for a free lawn tractor. Playing God, I choose the lucky winner. I release the hounds. They wander the edges of the backyard and signify “enough”. They return to the sofa.

It’s 2:15. The roast is seared and placed on a low braise. Carrots, mushrooms, garlic added. I can’t find the bay leaves. Somewhat depleted, I lie down for a quick nap.

It’s 4:30. Well, hell. That was a long nap. And the kitchen is a mess. Allison is arriving soon. To quote this wonderful mate, “Momma don’t like no mess”. I get busy.

It’s 5:45. Allison arrives, asking about my day. “Pretty busy”, I claim. On tomorrow’s list, “buy stamps” is still number 1.


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