Cooking With Fire

“I could pull out the “big tools” for one last go-around.”

May 29, 2017   There is big heat, low heat, indirect heat. There is smoke, flame, and steam. And there is gear. Grills, griddles, ovens, skewers, burners, pans, grates. There are flame makers and flame reducers. Add in the storage for gear via hooks, cabinets, and shelving.

Over time, the idea of an outdoor kitchen has grown like a campfire being coaxed back to life. All my cooking stuff would be covered and in one spot. More cooking stuff could be acquired. New skills could be learned. (Dutch ovens, spit roasting, …).  No more fights with Allison about spatters and smells. And I could work my way through the large pile of semi-solid posts, beams, and planks out in the yard. Better yet, I could pull out the “big tools” for one last go-around. A place will be built. A place for cooking, hanging out, imagining, and experimenting. It will be a refuge and a smoky lab for some crazy-ass food.


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