The Things We Notice

An unexpected event and a pause….

March 1, 2017   In April of 2015 a glass slipped through my left hand, fell to the floor and broke. Consciousness paused while I searched for the broom. Once the kitchen was tidied I explored a connection between the broken glass and the awkward dance between my left fingers and the computer keyboard. This was two months after I fell off the roof, broke two ribs, received a concussion, and inflamed my left AC joint. Cause and effect, perhaps? The dropped glass, awkward typing, and other small lefty quirks would go away as my body healed itself.

Two years after dropping a glass there is a general unsteadiness in my gait, moderate dysfunction in left hand motor skills, and severe weakening in my left arm. Regardless of a full diagnosis, this is a progressive, irreversible decline. And now, many past events are re-rendered. Over the years there were frequent trips and stumbles, courtesy of a dragging left foot; many falls off my mountain bike, always to the left side. Is it possible that this condition lurked unobtrusively for years, even decades?


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